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Car Rental Agadir

Morocco is a country with many places to visit, and a large history that attracts people from all over the world. Morocco has many cities in it for visitations, and Agadir, is one famous city in Morocco that attracts tourists and travelers from every corner of the world throughout the year. We, AlAimran Cars, offer car rental at Agadir and excellent services at affordable prices to make your Agadir tour more enjoyable and start with a greater ease than some of the other car rental services.

Car Rental Agadir Services

Agadir is a city located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and near the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Agadir is famous for the mild climate which lasts all year round. Even though completely destroyed in 1960 by an earthquake, Agadir was rebuilt and now is one of the most famous places in Morocco. If you ever visit Morocco, then Agadir is a place that you must visit to see the perfectly sandy beaches and to enjoy the sun without being scorched. Agadir is a place that you have to visit at least once in your life to experience something new and refreshing. And our car rental Agadir services can help you make the Agadir tour way easier with our exclusive car hire offers.

Pay Less for Car Rental at Agadir Airport

Save money when you book car hire with us at Agadir Airport.  Al Aimran Cars are a trusted and reliable car hire company in serving Agadir Airport since 2006.   We offer promotions and offers all year round.

There are few individuals who wish to drive around in luxury. Other individuals simply desire a car rental Agadir or Marrakech which is reliable. This can have an effect on the charge of the car which they are hiring.

Whatever is selected, it is going to be extremely vital to ensure that they have the whole lot what they desire in the car. The amount of customers should be known by the hiring agency too. Few companies will cost more once the car is driven a particular number of miles.

Some companies have a set charge for the car every day that it is hired for. This is something which is extremely vital to consider while hiring a car from them. Holiday must be a enjoyment experience for the entire family.

Rent a diesel car in Agadir

Al Aimran Cars offer Diesel cars for hire, as well as petrol for both business and personal use.  Our trusted company offers a diverse range of vehicles with auto-park, economy, sedan, utility and 4x4 models across a wide range of manufacturers.

The Best Rental Car Services in Morocco

We guarantee to have the very best price for car rentals Agadir and the most reliable vehicles for you to hire.  AlAimranCars offer an unrivalled service to clients, and ensure the ultimate experience for Rental Car in Agadir, Taghazout & Mirleft.   We cover all three airports in Morocco and offer the best value airport car hire.

Why Choose Car Rental AlAimran Cars

We have a wide range of cars that you can choose from for your car rental in Agadir airport, and since AlAimran Cars have their headquarters located in Agadir as well; it will be even easier for you to contact us. We deliver the cars for you to a place that is most convenient for you. Whether it is the airport or the resort you are staying at, your choice for using AlAimranCars for visiting Agadir on your trip to Morocco will be the right one.

A car rental in Agadir by AlAimran Cars is guaranteed to give you the best experience of Morocco. You can drive anywhere in our rental cars, and you will be able to experience the life, the beauty, and the art and culture of Agadir immensely. Drive around in Agadir with a car rental from our company without getting lost as we can provide you with GPS as well.

We will provide the very best car rental at Agadir services to you so that you will be able to enjoy your visit to Morocco without having to worry about transportation.

Benefits of hiring car rental services at Al Aimran Cars Agency

booking car


You can book online via website or you can call directly
agency to rent a car


Our rental agency is in the center of the city of Agadir
fleet car agadir airport


All type of vehicles that can suit your needs
Price car agadir


the best prices in the region of agadir

Discover the region of Agadir with many extras

Mirleft village is situated on the Atlantic coast, and is around two and a half hours from Agadir airport. Mirleft is spread over a hill which gives the most beautiful views of the calm beaches, it is ideal for a romantic getaway. Renting a diesel car at a low cost for visiting Mirleft is the best solution to discover this charming city. We have an office in the center of Mirleft but you can hire a car directly from the Airport and have a pleasant journey over in the comfort of your own car and company.
Taghazout is a small Berber village located around 20 minutes to the north of Agadir. This is also well known as a surfer’s paradise, and respected worldwide for its amazing surfing spots. In order to get the most time out of your trip and save more money, AlaimranCars can provide either a petrol or diesel vehicle rental with GPS that will direct you straight into the village of Taghazout, which will prevent you having to wait around. We will also give you a free roof rack with car hire to keep your surf boards safe at all times. Car Hire Options – Always Caring for Your Best Interests
FREE – Child Seat
We want to ensure that your family, and children are kept safe whilst travelling in our vehicles. This is why we offer the best price for car hire, and will always include a child seat for free.
FREE – Roof Rack
Are you here to Surf? Don’t worry about the transportation of your precious surf board, we have taken care of that too. We want to make sure you have a great time which is hassle-free, so we will include a roof-rack for free when you hire a car from us.
GPS Navigation
Hiring a car with no GPS can prove to be quite troublesome. If you want to ensure you have the exact directions to get to your destination with ease, we offer a low cost GPS rental systems for you to use whilst hiring your car from us. It is very reasonably priced at just 5 euros per day.
Airport Transfers
If you would prefer to have an airport transfer to take you directly to your hotel, or place of residence, we offer the best airport transfer prices to transport you and your luggage which is hassle free and reliable. Prices will vary slightly depending on your individual destination.

Car Rental Agencies by Agadir report

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