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Car Rental Agadir : Aimran Cars Agency

Welcome to our website Al aimran Cars : If you need to come from abroad by air, your time is limited and you need a fast but comfortable movement, at a fair price, we recommend some models that would be useful: Dacia logan , Clio 4, Duster 4x2 whose rates of rental vary between 24 and 34 €/day depending on the rental period.
The complete list of cars that meet the transportation needs can be found on the Car Rental Agadir, page on our website.

Our car rental agency Agadir, ensures the delivery of your vehicle to the airport, the bus station, your hotel or your home on the city of Agadir, Marrakech or Essaouira.

You can book your car in Agadir very quickly. Go to the Online Booking page, choose the model of car that suits you. All you have to do is follow the steps to finalize your booking. You can also reach us by phone on +212661425115 - or you can contact us by mail via our contact page, We will try to answer you as soon as possible


What they say about the agency

Car rental with qualified service
Our car rental company enforces legislation on the conditions that should be met to be eligible to rent a car. Thus, you must be at least 24 years old and have a valid license for a period of at least 24 months. By signing any car rental contract, you must also present a valid identity card or passport if you are a foreigner. The car will be delivered in a very good technical condition and must be returned in the same condition. In return, the customer will have to return keys and documents and car accessories inside.
At economy we rent new model cars at exceptional prices.
By making sure you have everything you need for your vacation or a trip, check out our vehicles and our vehicle rental and 4x4 service and our competitive prices with other car rental companies. Agadir airport! Although fares are one criterion among others, do you want to know if you can get a cheap car rental that suits your budget? You want to take advantage of a big family car, you think about the fuel policy and you want enough information about taking care of your rented car ... etc We put at your disposal all information concerning the car rental in Morocco that concerns you so that you can freely choose the best car and not only the cheapest. Our old customers are always happy with our quality services and our cars well equipped with new technologies with important options.
Rent with confidence including an insurance
You have chosen Morocco for your holidays or are you for professional reasons? You are questioning a car? Our car rental agency at Agadir airport in Morocco Al Aimran Cars, at your disposal car rental in Agadir, Marrakech and Casablanca. The Agadir car rental agency is at Agadir Massira airport, Marrakech airport Menara, and the airport Essaouira with unbeatable prices thanks to our low cost policy and quality service. Our company is a car rental agency in Agadir with more than 10 years experience in the area of automotive and 4x4 in Morocco for our private customers, alone or with family, or professionals. The benefits of a vehicle for a well-concluded contract term and well established with all insurance included, between our agency and our client. An interval of time that can range from one day to several months.
Car rental In Agadir airport
Without emptying your pocket, our car rental agency Agadir Al Aimran Cars, which will be a great pleasure to serve you and offers the most appropriate opportunities according to your finance, your needs and your tastes too: luxury cars with cheap and competitive prices, excellent and services that allow you to spend unforgettable stays in the beautiful city of Agadir in a pleasant climate, sunshine of more than 340 days a year, beaches of dreams to bathe even the winter and exercise aquatic sports such as surfing, windsurfing... Choose to rent a car in Agadir and discover this beautiful city and its magnificent beaches with golden sand. Walks to the Cornish or a visit to the medina of Agadir south of the city center, there are so many places to explore! Choose your car hire Agadir and you are free to explore the city according to your use of time and according to your stay. You will find many attractions, relaxing and even having fun with the family with its 300 days of sunshine per year, climate is guaranteed only from the sun for your swims. Book car online and it will be waiting for your arrival. So you can go where you want, and always with style.
Agency alaimrancars.com car rental Agadir airport
Do you like to visit the wonderful Moroccan city? Do you want to move easily? This is possible with our car rental agency Agadir cheap, offers a fleet of vehicles, various brands and in good mechanical condition: economic vehicles, 4 × 4 and luxury, in addition also enjoy our knowledge -Make, by proposing, the best offer to rent you one of the vehicles that feed our park in the beautiful Moroccan tourist city. Delivery is free at Airport Agadir Al Massira Morocco or at any other place of your choice. Our Agency Rental car Agadir offers multiple services. the Moroccan city of Agadir is home to beautiful tourist sites and one of the most beautiful bays well known worldwide, to this end, it welcomes all those who want to come and see it and discover it. Traveling through its tourist sites is more convenient with our car rental agency Agadir which allows you to also enjoy visiting other regions, especially as the mileage is unlimited. The car rental agency Agadir airport Al Aimran Cars, offers its services in all localities of your destination: at the airport, downtown and tourist sites farthest from the urban environment: car rental range Agadir, Taghazout, Mirleft, and taroudante ... etc. where you are, you find your rented car waiting for you. The customer agrees to drive the vehicle under the traffic laws, any damage caused to be communicated to the car owner in less than 4 hours after the accident. If the car has been damaged when another person has driven it, the liability decreases more and more on the customer. Everyone out of the lease that would drive the car must be stipulated in the car rental contract and comply with the age requirements and the validity ID of the aforementioned acts. For more details on the rights and obligations of the supplier and the customer, consult the "Terms and conditions" of our site. The vehicles of our agency are cheap, are equipped with GPS, baby seats and luggage carrier. Not to mention that the mileage is unlimited, our rates are the cheapest by booking in advance. Our Agadir car rental offers many services. the Moroccan city of Agadir is home to beautiful tourist sites and one of the most beautiful bays well known worldwide, for this purpose, it welcomes all those who want to come and visit it and discover it. Traveling through its tourist sites is more convenient with our agency The agency alaimrancars.com Car rental Agadir airport, offers you its services in all the localities of your destination: Airport, downtown and tourist sites furthest from the city: Taghazout beach, Mirleft, taroudant ... etc. wherever you are, you will find your rented car waiting for you.

les agences de location de voiture par Agadir- report

interview poignante sur les agences de location de voiture
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